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Bremgarten is one of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland, considering the city rankings. The old town has remained practically unchanged since the Middle Ages and offers an incredible variety of motifs.

With the 7 towers, forts, picturesque streets and the river Reuss meandering like a picture frame around Bremgarten will put you in another dimension. Your imagination and creativity can unfasten boundlessly.

Your workshop is led by our experienced photographer Dominique Andereggen. A certified photographer from the New York Photography School, has vast experience and knowledge of photography and demonstrated his skills in many countries around the world.

Our 2-day photo workshop in Bremgarten takes place 4 times a year. We start with theory on Friday morning and then we go on the journey of discovery. Depending on the weather or other circumstances, the process may vary slightly but the frame is always preserved.
Introduction to aperture, shutter time and ISO values (which are the three most important components)

  • Photo safari in Bremgarten (architecture, landscape, street photography and people), including tips & tricks, perspective issue, what exactly do you want to photograph, including framing etc.
  • Studio photography (portraits) ‒ first guided exercises, then you can also invite a model (there are x-variations …)
  • Image editing and discussion in the studio ‒ very important is solving the composition ‒ also here you can expect 2‒3 hours for sure.
  • Daybreak and night photography
  • Long exposure with gray filter during the day
  • Studio light outside in nature (with battery pack)
  • An important info material will be produced in German and English and handed out to the participants in a folder.

Course costs are exclusive accommodation. If you do not live right around the corner, we recommend booking the course and accommodation together. On the one hand, after the end of the course on the first day you can stroll around the city with the other participants and enjoy the varied gastronomy, on the other hand, Dominique wants to catch the magic of a daybreak the other day (depending on the weather).

Artist and your host


Your host, Dominique is a photographer, artist, world traveler, developer. Dominique studied photography at the Institute of Photography in New York. He owns his own art gallery and a photography school where he shares his enormous knowledge and experiences.

Dominique has his own studio and gallery in Bremgarten: www.flussreif.ch


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