EBRU – Marbling on water

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Ebru is the art of painting on water. Ebru-art has its origins in Asia, it is considered one of the defining arts in the golden age of the Ottoman Empire and is about 1000 years old. In this technique, colours are applied on a water surface (oily water), it creates ornaments, flowers and varied patterns.

On the painted picture, a sheet of paper is pressed on until the colour is accepted and transformed to paper. The picture is then dried. You can turn not only paper, but also ceramic, fabric, wood and other materials into colourful objects.

Come and let us introduce you to this fascinating and eclectic painting technique in a wonderful atmosphere with meditative music, selection of tees and oriental pastries.

Material is included (all natural colours made of plants, flowers and stones, brushes made of rosewood and horse hair).

Artist and your host


For many years, your host, Derya Öczelik, has been fascinated by the Ebru art – which she met on numerous trips to Turkey.

“When I learned that the pictures were painted on water, it increased both my fascination and curiosity. I then learned the Ebru painting from the renowned artist Nesime Kantar. With passion, I deal with this 1000 year old art, which is mostly known in Turkey and Asia and also Italy. I have great pleasure to inspire people for it.”


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