David Segeta – Vernisage

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Dear friends,
Our multiple award-winning action painting artist,
David Segeta is visiting Bremgarten again as Artist in Residence.

David has been at home in galleries such as figure-Gallery Paris, Agora New York, Minatan San Sebastián, Jedlicka Zurich, Artprag Prague and many more since 2003.

We have the opportunity to meet this wonderful artist again personally and admire his artworks again. We will be pleased to welcome you on the Vernisage.

Your Time For Your Talents team

Artist and your host


David’s fictions bring out the most bizarre characters. Beautiful, colorful to almost transparent. Strong forms in their original state which nevertheless soon seem to dissolve again as if through invisible gravitational forces. His world is unstoppable and never final. Only the transformation is the only continuum in his work.


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