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Event description

This event is in Czech language

Course participants will acquire basic knowledge of dramatic text construction methods, learn how to work out functional schemes for orientation in the narrative world, manage the construction of simple and complex dialogues, discover the means to accelerate and dramatize the story and many other skills necessary for success in literary production.

Event schedule – Wednesday afternoon till Sunday morning:

  • Wednesday: Arrival in the afternoon, short talks with course participants.
  • Thursday morning: Introduction to the issue and history of the detective novel.
  • Thursday afternoon: How to write and how to construct a fictional world. Practical exercises.
  • Friday morning: Analysis of practical exercises. Inspiration and how to get started.
  • Friday afternoon: Literary characters and dialogues. Practical exercises.
  • Saturday morning: Analysis of practical exercises. Functional schemes.
  • Saturday Afternoon: A Detective Story – practical exercises.
  • Sunday Morning: Readings and debate.

Artist and your host


Your host, Milan is a writer and author. His detective novel “One More Dead Man” won the Literary Competition “O poklad byzantského kupce” organized by MOBA publishing in 2013, where he published two more books: “The Dead Churchman’s Legacy” and “The Dead on the Pillory”. He is currently working on the manuscript of another book with a working title “Old women’s Wrath” and on a scenario of a play with a detective plot.

After leaving Prague, he lives in Šumava. www.milan-ruzicka.webnode.cz


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