Mosaic workshop

Welcome! Book now Event description Poetry made of mosaic glass and stone. A lantern, a bowl or a bistro table. Design and create your own artwork for your home and enjoy it every day. Time For Your Talents and René Walker offer you a special workshop. In a small team, you will develop basic knowledge […]

EBRU – Marbling on water


Welcome! Book now Event description Ebru is the art of painting on water. Ebru-art has its origins in Asia, it is considered one of the defining arts in the golden age of the Ottoman Empire and is about 1000 years old. In this technique, colours are applied on a water surface (oily water), it creates […]

Guitar and Ukulele workshop


Welcome! Book now Event description Instrument making workshop with violin and instrument maker AugustinMaissen. Time For Your Talents offers you the opportunity to build your own acoustic string instrument. At the sources of the Vltava river, where even Smetana, Dvorak, Stifter or Klostermann found their peace and inspiration for their world-famous work, build your own […]

Painting workshop with James Kudo

Time for your Talents - James Kudo Painting Workshop

Welcome! Book now Event description Treat yourself to a creative break from your everyday life and give time for your talents. James Kudo, famous Brazilian painter, one of the “100 painters of tomorrow” ( is coming to Switzerland in November 2019 and will expose and work at Python Gallery in Erlenbach/ZH. Time For Your Talents […]

Creative writing – novel


Welcome! Book now Event description This event is in Czech language Course participants will acquire basic knowledge of dramatic text construction methods, learn how to work out functional schemes for orientation in the narrative world, manage the construction of simple and complex dialogues, discover the means to accelerate and dramatize the story and many other […]

Photo workshop in Bremgarten


Welcome! Book now Event description Bremgarten is one of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland, considering the city rankings. The old town has remained practically unchanged since the Middle Ages and offers an incredible variety of motifs. With the 7 towers, forts, picturesque streets and the river Reuss meandering like a picture frame around Bremgarten […]