Business Meets Art

Time For Your Talents is proud to announce a new collaboration and introduce a new format:

Combine Business & Art – The Pilot

In many different areas of business and life, the combination of a logical-analytical approach with intuitive creativity helps to create more clarity, more bond and more value. Time For Your Talents and the well-known coach David Bärtsch have discussed many possibilities where business and personal development can be combined with art and creativity to form an effective package:

  • Visualization in the team of a developed vision or strategy.
  • Team development combined with the common painting of team values and visions.
  • Visualization of experienced or aspired life and target states in the accompaniment of people in leadership development or in dealing with stressful situations.


The format was tested in a pilot event, the thesis checked, and experience gained. And the expectations were exceeded!

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Business Meet Art

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Do you think that this is exactly the format you have been missing in personnel or organizational development as a new alternative or supplement? Like us, do you recognize the potential for vision, organizational and personnel development? Nicole de Rossi, Radek Mach and David Bärtsch are happy to help!

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