“We are a collective of artists and art enthusiasts driven to share our passion, and to unlock and foster your creativity. Under the guidance of renowned creative talents, in inspiring locations, you can immerse yourself in an artistic world surrounded by like-minded people. Let the muses move you and help you choose what you truly desire to engage in: painting, sculpture, creative writing, photography, experimental art and much more. We take care of everything else, so you may enjoy this unique experience at full.”



Alice Hanáková Sloane

Artist and Painter

Alice is an autodidact with fabulous imagination and techniques. She creates one-off, original paintings and sketches: they are full of hues and shades, textures and shapes, and suffused with an honesty and passion rarely seen in today`s often flat and sterile marketplace.

Dominique Andereggen

Artist and Photographer​

Photographer, artist, world traveler, developer. Dominique studied photography at the Institute of Photography in New York. He owns his own art gallery and a photography school where he shares his enormous knowledge and experiences.


David Segeta

Artist and Painter

David’s fictions bring out the most bizarre characters. Beautiful, colorful to almost transparent. Strong forms in their original state which nevertheless soon seem to dissolve again as if through invisible gravitational forces. His world is unstoppable and never final. Only the transformation is the only continuum in his work.

Milan Růžička


Milan’s detective novel “One More Dead Man” won the Literary Competition “O poklad byzantského kupce” organized by MOBA publishing in 2013, where he published two more books: “The Dead Churchman’s Legacy” and “The Dead on the Pillory”. He is currently working on the manuscript of another book with a working title “Old women’s Wrath” and on a scenario of a play with a detective plot.


Iva Mikles

Artist and Illustrator

Designer, educator, and entrepreneur. She has worked in the field of arts, design and visual communication for the past 10 years. She is the founder, and the host of Art Side of Life, YouTube and podcast show dedicated to inspiring artists to pursue their passion in life and take action to make a living as an artist.

James Kudo


James Kudo was selected by distinguished international panel as one of “100 painters of tomorrow” (Kurt Beers). His work is based on his experience growing up in Novo Oriente, Brazil during the 1970s, which was razed and flooded for the construction of a hydroelectric power station. As a result, many of Kudo’s themes revolve around urban development, changes in the landscape, and the clash between technological advancement and nature. 

James Kudo
Augustin Maissen

Augustin Maissen

Musical instrument manufacturer

For over 20 years, Augustin’s violin making studio in Zurich has been creating world-class instruments.

His stringed instruments can be found on the big stages of this world. Even a virtuoso musician he is occasionally heard at concerts. In spring and autumn Augustin conducts our workshops in the Bohemian Forest.

Derya Öczelik

Ebru painting

For many years I have been fascinated by the Ebru art – which I met on my numerous trips to Turkey. When I learned that the pictures were painted on water, it increased both my fascination and curiosity. I then learned the Ebru painting from the renowned artist Nesime Kantar. With passion, I deal with this 1000 year old art, which is mostly known in Turkey and Asia and also Italy. I have great pleasure to inspire people for it.


René Walker

The Uri-born artist

The Uri-born artist René Walker gave up his managerial career in 2012 and founded his studio riis & boor to devote his life only to art.
With his works, René is a welcomed guest at many exhibitions such as
ArtWalk Bremgarten, old Uri Church, Oberrohrdorf Zähnteschüür and many more.

In 2019, René Walker celebrated success with the competition won by the EGK Basel and the invitation from the Hirslanden Klinik Aarau with an exhibition.

René has been a member of the ArtWalk Bremgarten committee since 2017, where he is responsible for the selection of artists.
Since 2019 René has been working and developing art workshops with “Timeforyourtalents” in the field of glass mosaic and concrete.

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