Návrh bez názvu (3)

Dear friends,

In this difficult time, when the corona virus keeps the whole world in suspense, strict measures are taken to protect the general public and all events are canceled, work and social life are reduced to the necessary minimum. 

Life slows down, people stay at home and suddenly have more time. Maybe more time to devote themselves to their own creativity. Take this time and express the beauty that is in you. 

Create a work of art that you want to share with us. Send a photo of it to info@timeforyourtalents.com and we will post it on our homepage and social media and reward the three best with an Art & Pleasure Evening workshop of your choice. 

As soon as the restrictions are untightened after the pandemic subsides, we will inform you about the new dates for our workshops. We are expanding our events and will also offer mosaic courses and watchmaking workshops. Information will follow soon. We look forward to spending creative time with you and your artworks.

“Creativity is a quality that remains irreplaceable, even in times of digitalisation and artificial intelligence. Only man can create beauty, solve problems and invent new things through creativity. There are talents in each of us! It’s time to devote ourselves to them. It’s Time for Your Talents. Treat yourself to a creative break from your everyday life, stress, routine and dedicate your time to your soul – in wonderful and inspiring places, led by well-known artists.”



Art workshops

The art workshops in creative fields such as arts, writing, photography and crafting are designed to help you develop your talents and create your own masterpieces!

Art evenings

The art evenings, in beautiful locations, are designed to help you unwind after a day at work, learn new skills and relax with good tapas and wine!


Art in the mill

We are renovating a historical mill in a fairytale part of Czech Republic to offer a unique space for art workshops, events and community building.



Stay in Touch

News about events, community and special offers. 

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